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Ultrasound Specialist

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An ultrasound is a painless diagnostic imaging test frequently used in many branches of medicine, including primary care and women’s health. The special ultrasound device works by sending sound waves that come into contact with your body fluids, tissues, and bones. The sound waves bounce back, and advanced technology uses the soundwaves to create images that your HealthStone Primary Care Partners provider in Hollywood, Florida views on a monitor.


What is an ultrasound used for?

At HealthStone Primary Care Partners, your provider can use an ultrasound for multiple health-related reasons. For example, if you’ve been having stomach pains, your provider might suggest an ultrasound to examine your digestive system further. 

Ultrasounds can also be used to:

  • Evaluate a mass, such as a growth or mass
  • Look for a possible cause of pelvic or abdominal pain
  • Diagnose causes of infertility in women
  • Investigate the reason for abnormal menstrual problems or uterine bleeding in women
  • Diagnose certain cancers and diseases
  • Identify cell abnormalities
  • Examine blood flow and blood vessels
  • Assist with a treatment or procedure
  • Assess breast lumps or mammography findings that are unclear

During your consultation, your provider can explain the ultrasound process, so you know what to expect.

What happens during an ultrasound?

In the ultrasound exam room, you’re asked to recline on an exam table. An ultrasound technician usually applies a water-based gel to the area to prevent air pockets from interfering with sound waves.  

Your technician gently places a handheld device (transducer) on your skin and moves it over the area. The transducer transmits sound waves into your body, and special technology uses the soundwaves to create images that appear on a computer for your provider to view.

In some cases, with women, an ultrasound might need to be performed inside the body (transvaginal ultrasound). Similar to a pelvic exam, you lie on your back with your feet placed in stirrups, and your provider inserts a slim transducer into your vagina. The transducer sends images to the screen for your provider to review. 

After your ultrasound, your provider reviews the ultrasound results and discusses them with you. 

HealthStone Primary Care Partners utilizes only the latest sophisticated and advanced technology and equipment for optimal accuracy, safety, and convenience. 

Your health and wellness are always the top priority for HealthStone Primary Care Partners. Learn more about ultrasounds and how they can benefit your health and call HealthStone Primary Care Partners or schedule online today.