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A physical is an effective diagnostic tool and preventive care method that can shine a spotlight on your health. At HealthStone Primary Care Partners in Hollywood, Florida, the medical group provides physical exams and spends ample time discussing your health with you in detail. The team at Healthstone Primary Care Partners can also answer any of your questions about your wellness and quality of life. For top-quality, comprehensive physical exams, look no further than HealthStone Primary Care Partners. Call the office to make an appointment, or use the online booking tool to schedule today.


What is a physical?

Physical exams are used to evaluate certain medical concerns or as a part of your general preventive care visit. In medicine, physicals are focused on improving and assessing your general health and wellness.

HealthStone Primary Care Partners highly recommends regular physical exams. Your physical is your opportunity for you to discuss your health in detail with a provider you’re comfortable and familiar with. Your physical also involves a review of your medical and family history, a physical exam, and plenty of time to address your questions and concerns.

Depending on your health and age, your provider might recommend additional testing, such as blood work, to look at your inflammatory markers.

Why would I need a physical?

Your HealthStone Primary Care Partners provider might recommend a physical exam to:

  • Look for possible diseases
  • Update vaccinations
  • Ensure you’re living a healthy lifestyle with balanced nutrition, regular exercise, and stress management
  • Identify concerns that could turn into medical complications

Your provider might perform a physical before an upcoming surgery or before treatment for a medical condition.

How can I prepare for a physical?

If you prepare effectively for your physical, you know you’re getting the most out of your time with your provider. Before your physical, it’s helpful to gather certain paperwork or information, such as:

  • Your current list of medications
  • The contact information for the other physicians you’ve recently visited
  • A list of your symptoms
  • Any recent test results that could be relevant
  • Your medical and surgical history
  • Your family medical history

Wear comfortable clothing and avoid excess jewelry or makeup that could get in the way of your exam.

What does a physical exam involve?

Your physical exam begins with an in-depth consultation with your provider, who also checks your height, weight, pulse, and inspects your body for any unusual marks or growths.

If necessary, your provider might examine your abdomen and other parts of your body, assessing the tenderness, consistency, location, texture, and size of your organs.

Your HealthStone provider uses a special instrument (stethoscope) to listen to your heart’s rhythms and evaluate how your heart is functioning. Your provider might use a stethoscope to listen to specific organs like your lungs or intestines.

Blood work might also be necessary for your provider to fully evaluate your blood sugar levels, cholesterol, inflammation, and other important factors of your health.

You deserve the benefits of modern medicine and physical exams. Call HealthStone Primary Care Partners or use the convenient online scheduler to request your appointment today.